About me

My name is Erik Dalhammar, MSc from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and lives on Rindö island off Vaxholm since more than 35 years. After more than 50 years in the computer business I am since some years an active senior citizen. Two of the children also lives on the island, thus some of my time is spent with children and grandchildren.

During my professional years I have been working as Systems Manager and Systems Developer, mainly working with banks and financial institutions.

The companies I have worked with are among others:

Sweden PostGirot (now PlusGirot, Nordea)
Migrationsverket (Migration Board)
Vägverket (Road Authority)
A number of data entry companies
Norway PostGirot
Bankenes Betalings Sentral
Skattedirektoratet (Tax department)
Norges Banks Sedeltrykkeri (Bank of Norway Print works)
Denmark Postgirot
Q8 Denmark
Finland Postgirot
Germany KaufHof
GebührenEinzugsZentrale GEZ
United Kindoms National Westminster Bank
Holland Postgirot

In addition I have been working shorter or longer periods at our company’s main office in Dallas, Texas, USA, and two years at our European main office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

I have been working with most computer systems from microprocessors to mainframes and with program languages such as Assembler (a large number of different ones), Basic, C, COBOL, Java, PHP, SQL, Visual Basic och VBA plus a few more exotic ones. Furthermore, I have developed a number of add-ons to Microsoft’s Office programs Excel och Word. The databases I have worked with are Informix, Oracle, MS SQL-server and more recent years MySQL and SQLite. During the years I have been working with a number of operating systems and also maintained and extended several real time operating systems. My speciality: Document readers and scanners as well as processing of TIFF images.

During the last ten years I have during a period been responsible for my employer’s web site as well as in my spare time been developing and maintaining web sites for societies and friends.

About ED DataKonsult

After my retirement I wanted to keep on using my interests and skills and thus I started ED DataKonsult. It is a private business (enskild firma) with the full name Erik Dalhammar DataKonsult and I have a registered F type tax form (F-skattesedel).

I am fully aware of that today developing and maintaining of web sites is a large and complex field where a lot of new items are added in a rapid pace. This means that I don’t cover all areas, but on the other hand I am flexible and in most cases I fulfill the jobs I accept to the full satisfaction of my customers.

To develop web sites I prefer to use some framework and augmented with HTML, CSS and PHP code if needed.

As I am a senior citizen I am mainly interested in small to medium jobs to have time enough for other activities.

Please contact me for a discussion of eventual jobs.

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