Archipelago View

It is common in Sweden that attracive places, for instance an archipelago cottage or a mountain cabin, are shared between a couple of families or rented in various periods.

A relative of mine asked if I could recommend some simple booking system for a house where his family is part owner.
The different families are divided into more family groups and have different priorities after a certain schedule.
The requirement is that each family should be able to see the total booking situation and be able to book (and cancel) one or more period within it´s family group.
The users should be able to register and then be approved by an administrator for his family group. Registrations and booking shall be confirmed by email.

I was searching the internet for a system matching these requirement but didn’t find anything suitable, After some thinking I judged this as an interesting development project of more common interest and is now offering it to interested buyers.

The bookning system My Bookings has the following properties:

  • Developed with PHP 5
  • Uses MySQL data base
  • Olimited number of users
  • Log in with user name and password
  • Free number of user groups
  • Free names of user groups
  • Configurable header image, header text and colors
  • Bookings with start- and enddates, number of persons personer and comments.
  • Booking overview for three months at a time, both grafic and text.
  • Administrative functions

There is also a version of the booking system where regular users make a reservation which is late confirmed by an administrator and then converted into a booking.

A demo version (in swedish) of My Bookings is available here.

To log in as administrator: User name JvA and password pengar.

To log in as regular user: User name Mickey and password mouse.

Please send me comments and suggestions for improvments, use Contacts for this.